Independently held since 1974, Polymer Resources, Ltd. has been an engineering thermoplastics compounder in the wholesale market for over 40 years. We operate compounding facilities in Farmington, CT and in Rochester, NY. Our dedication to the industry,
our employees, and our long standing customer relationships have all contributed to our position in the industry as a top tier resin supplier. Our continued reinvestment in technology, research and development, and manufacturing capability & flexibility,
together with our high level of customer service, allows us to service customers’ needs quickly and efficiently. Polymer Resources continues to improve in order to hold our position in the industry as a well trusted wholesale resins supplier.

Classic Delivery

We deliver so you can deliver.

As a manufacturer with distribution-like capabilities, we deliver with short lead times for standard products, custom color, and special grades utilizing two production facilities in Farmington, CT and Rochester, NY.


We provide:

Polymer Resources, Ltd. believes the “CLASSIC” method is the way to do business. We take pride in our proven, long-standing methodologies. As a leading independent compounder of custom and proprietary engineering thermoplastic resins, our products include:

polymer-resources-staffCustomer satisfaction is our driving force.

With 2 manufacturing sites, and a capacity in excess of 30 million pounds, Polymer Resources offers small-to-large lot compounding capabilities. We have a complete engineering thermoplastic product line, including:

Classic Technical Service

Answers when you need them.

Our technical service engineers are available for support in all phases of the product development cycle.

Polymer Resources Ltd.’s developmental labs are equipped with equipment needed for both maintaining consistency of existing products and for development of new products.

A Data Color Spectrophotometer with integrated statistical process control (SPC) gives exact color matching capabilities in engineering resins and insures lot-to-lot color consistency.