Nylon 6 Resin

Nylon 6 Resin by Polymer Resources, Ltd.

NY66 and NY6 (Nylon 6,6 and Nylon 6) are semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastics that can be easily colored, and that can be easily processed in both injection molding, and extrusion applications. Nylons are known to have excellent chemical resistance. Nylon 66 and Nylon 6 are two of the most commonly used engineering thermoplastics. In addition to chemical resistance, they also offer excellent abrasion resistance and high resistance to both mold and mildew. Both Nylon 66 and Nylon 6 are rigid materials with high heat resistance.

Physical properties of these materials can be enhanced through the use of additives. Addition of glass fibers and/or mineral fillers can increase flexural modulus values. Surface lubricity can be increased by the addition of molybdenum disulfide, and heat stabilizers can be added to improve long term thermal stability. Impact modifiers can be added in order to obtain tough Nylon compositions.

Most Nylon products are affected by humidity because Nylons tend to absorb water. Absorbed water “plasticizes” Nylon. The absorbed water will reduce stiffness and will increase ductility. Absorbed water will also increase dimensions of parts molded from Nylons. While absorption of water is reversible, it must be taken into account when designing parts to be molded from Nylons.

Additives, Modifiers, and Reinforcing Agents:

Additives- UV stability, easy release (mold releases), colorants, and other stability additives

Modifiers- Flame retardants, impact modifiers, flow enhancers

Reinforcing Agents- Glass fibers, mineral fillers


Material Alternatives

DuPont Zytel®

Prl Brand

  • NY6 GP1
  • NY6 IM1
  • NY6 G13
  • NY6 G33

DuPont Brand

  • Zyte®l FG 7301
  • Zytel® ST 7301
  • Zytel® 73 G15
  • Zytel® 73 G30

Prl Brand

  • NY6 GP1
  • NY6 IM1
  • NY6 G13
  • NY6 G33

DSM Brand

  • Akulon® F-128
  • ZAkulon® M-1016
Ascend Vydyne®

Prl Brand

  • NY66 GP1
  • NY66 IM2
  • NY66 G13
  • NY66 G33
  • NY66 G43

Ascend Brand

  • Vydyne® 21
  • Vydyne® 47
  • Vydyne® R513
  • Vydyne® R533
  • Vydyne® R543