PC Resin

PC Resin by Polymer Resources, Ltd.

Polycarbonate is an amorphous engineering polymer that provides exceptional mechanical, thermal and optical properties. Polycarbonate is one of the only plastics that combine the combination of thermal stability, high upper use temperatures (HDT), impact resistance and toughness as well as clarity. Polycarbonate exhibits impact resistance and toughness at a wide range of temperatures. Polycarbonate has superior thermal stability yielding a large process window for both large and small parts. Its amorphous nature gives polycarbonate excellent dimensional stability and uniform shrinkage. Polycarbonate is available as a clear material (up to 85% light transmission) and in a wide variety of custom colors that are transparent, translucent and opaque.

Polycarbonate can be blended with glass fibers, flame retardants, UV stabilizers, and even friction reducing agents to produce a product line with superior mechanical, impact, and optical properties.

Polycarbonate has been the material of choice in many industries, including industrial and electrical parts, automotive end uses, as well as many different types of lenses. Please see the following data sheets:

  • PC-BR1
  • PC-BR1-(COLOR)-5
  • PC-BR1-UV
  • PC-FD1
  • PC-FD1-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-FD2
  • PC-FD2-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-FD3
  • PC-FD3-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-FD4
  • PC-FD4-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-FR1A-D
  • PC-FR1A-D-(COLOR)-3
  • PC-FR1-D
  • PC-FR1A-D-(COLOR)-3
  • PC-FR2A-D 
  • PC-FR2A-D-(COLOR)-3
  • PC-FR2-D
  • PC-FR2D-(COLOR)-3
  • PC-FR2-TFE
  • PC-FR3A-D
  • PC-FR3A-D-(COLOR)-3
  • PC-FR3-D
  • PC-FR3-D-(COLOR)-3
  • PC-FR-UV-10-0002-16A
  • PC-G10
  • PC-G10-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-G20
  • PC-G20-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-G30
  • PC-G30-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-G40
  • PC-G40-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-GP1-D
  • PC-GP1-D-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-GP1-TFE10
  • PC-GP2-D
  • PC-GP2-D-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-GP2-TFE5
  • PC-GP3-D
  • PC-GP3-D-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-GP4
  • PC-GP4-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-HH
  • PC-HH-UV
  • PC-HM-FR1
  • PC-HM-FR1-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-HM-FR1-(COLOR)-3
  • PC-HM-FR2
  • PC-HM-FR2-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-HM-FR2-(COLOR)-3
  • PC-IM1
  • PC-IM2
  • PC,IM3
  • PC-IM4
  • PCSF-FR1
  • PCSF-FRG20
  • PCSF-FR-G30
  • PC-UV1-D(F1)
  • PC-UV1-D(F1)-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-UV2-D(F1)
  • PC-UV2-D(F1)-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-UV3-D(F1)
  • PC-UV3-D(F1)-(COLOR)-1
  • PC-UV4, PC-UV4-(COLOR)-1

Additives, Modifiers, and Reinforcing Agents: 

Additives- UV stability, easy release (mold releases), colorants, and other stability additives

Flame retardants, impact modifiers, flow enhancers 

Reinforcing Agents- 
Glass fibers, mineral fillers