PPE+PS Resin

PPE + PS Resin by Polymer Resources, Ltd.

PPX resin is a blend of polyphenylene ether (PPE) and polystyrene. The PPX blends are unique in that unlike other resin systems, the two polymers are totally compatible in all proportions. Because of this unique characteristic, polyphenylene products can be made with heat distortions that range from a low of 170 F (styrene) to a high of over 350 F (PPE). With different ratios of the two resins, and the incorporation of additive packages for impact strength (non-brominated FR, reinforcements etc.) a family of products can be made featuring UL-VO to UL HB and UL 5V, high stiffness, and or high impact and process ability. Both resins are inherently hydrolytically stable that makes the blends suitable over a wide temperature and humidity range.

The polyphenylene products exhibit a unique feature of retention of tensile and flexural strength and low creep even at elevated temperature.

Impact strength of polyphenylene family of products is typically unaffected by factors such as humidity and only slightly by temperature and wall thickness. A key advantage of PPX resins is that they maintain their impact strength, even at sub-zero temperature. Please see the following data sheets:

  • PPX-EN-FR3
  • PPX-FR1
  • PPX-FR2
  • PPX-FR3
  • PPX-FR4
  • PPX-FR5
  • PPX-FR6
  • PPX-FRG10
  • PPX-FRG20
  • PPX-FRG30
  • PPX-G10
  • PPX-G10-HF
  • PPX-G15
  • PPX-G20
  • PPX-G30
  • PPX-G5
  • PPX-GP1
  • PPX-GP2
  • PPX-GP3
  • PPX-GP3-IM
  • PPX-GP3-WR
  • PPX-GP4
  • PPX-GP4-IM
  • PPX-GP4-WR
  • PPX-GP5
  • PPX-GP6
  • PPX-GP7
  • PPX-GP8
  • PPX-MF-FR1
  • PPX-MF-FR3
  • PPX-MF-FRG20
  • PPX-SF1
  • PPX-SF2

Additives, Modifiers, and Reinforcing Agents: 

Additives- UV stability, easy release (mold releases), colorants, and other stability additives

Modifiers- Flame retardants, impact modifiers, flow enhancers 

Reinforcing Agents- Glass fibers, mineral fillers