Polymer Resources NPE2018 Services Expansion Press Release

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Polymer Resources NPE2018 UL Listed Grades Press Release

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40 Years of Mutual Success!

PC/Polyester Alloy Is A Great Offset!

PC+Polyester: A high performance thermoplastic for a high performance application.

What is a PC+Polyester Alloy?  

Background: PC and PBT

Polycarbonate (PC)  has high impact strength and is clear. However, as a result, it has difficulty processing and has poor resistance to organic chemicals.

Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) is a crystalline, opaque material and has very good resistance to organic chemicals. The crystalline nature of PBT helps it to flow easily during processing. Unlike PC, however, PBT has poor impact strength.

Therefore, blending PC with PBT provides the “Best of both worlds”. In other words, it provides better chemical resistance than PC and at the same time provides higher impact than PBT. The blend flows easier as well, but still retains good chemical resistance.

Additionally, blending PC with PET provides everything that the PC/PBT blends offer, but also adds a little higher HDT (Heat Deflection Temperature).

All of this said, PC+Polyester Alloys (our PC/TP GP1,GP2-UL listed,GP3, FR2-UL listed,FR3) is a perfect fit for applications that require strength, chemical resistance, and easy processing. Example applications are extremely diverse such as underwater recreation systems, fluid handling systems, materials handling pallets, and lawn mowers. Inquire with us about our material and how we can provide the lowest lead times (2-3 weeks) and best economics (global sourcing) in order to offset your existing material.