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Resin and Custom Products by Polymer Resources

The product selection process begins with a thorough understanding of the application. Polymer Resources works hand in hand with your QT, QC, and engineering team to find the right material with the proper modifier, filler, or additive. We have a material solution to suit the application whether it’s a standard product or a custom formulation with precision color match. Leveraging one of our over 70 UL listed products is also an advantage of utilizing our resin compounds. Polymer Resources stands by every resin compound supplied (Quality Guarantee) and ensures the highest yield with the greatest performance. See number 12 on our Ethics Policy for more information on our REACH and RoHS compliance.

Customers have complete access to our technical teams to ensure satisfaction. Polymer Resources will work on-site or remotely to find a solution to any processing issue, application requirement, training requirement, or additional need. Furthermore, having access to our full staff of customer service personnel also facilitates an easy working relationship.

With over 45 years of manufacturing engineering thermoplastic resin experience, Polymer Resources’ customer-centric and performance-based service solutions will ensure your organization’s success.

Below is a full list of our base products. Click each product to see the subsequent blends and attain product datasheets.

Our Mission

My mission at Polymer Resources has not changed since I founded this company more than four decades ago. It includes continuing our tradition of financial stability, sustainable growth and visionary leadership that compounds success for customers, suppliers and employees. It also means proudly manufacturing our products in America, and making them available to the global marketplace.

Les Klein, Chief Executive Officer, Polymer Resources, Ltd.


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