Guiding Principles

“The Leader in Classic® Engineered Thermoplastic Compounds”

Polymer Resources recognizes the importance of our customers. We understand our responsibility to meet the needs of each account. Prompt order fulfillment and producing the highest quality products with the most competitive prices are our goals. We are honest and transparent with our customers.  Additionally, we are willing to assist in the development of new products that satisfy specific application requirements. This has maintained Polymer’s position as the “Leader in Classic® Engineered Plastic Compounds.”

Employee Culture:

Polymer Resources’ success is a result of the well-being of all our employees and their success professionally and personally. Polymer Resources encourages each individual to grow within their own respective goals and objectives and respects the dignity, individuality, and merits of each employee. All employees are part of the “Polymer Resources Family” and should have a sense of security in their employment. Polymer Resources provides a safe work environment. We encourage all employees to communicate their needs to facilitate a comfortable working environment. Polymer Resources provides equal opportunity for employment and development.

Polymer Resources and the Community:

Polymer Resources respects the communities in which it operates. Polymer Resources provides employment, obeys laws, pays its fair share of taxes, and maintains its properties in good condition. Operations are carried out by methods that protect the environment and preserve resources. Polymer Resources is investing time and resources to become a “green” organization.

Compounding Success for Over 50 Years

American Made for a Global Marketplace

Our Mission

My mission at Polymer Resources has not changed since I founded this company more than four decades ago. It includes continuing our tradition of financial stability, sustainable growth and visionary leadership that compounds success for customers, suppliers and employees. It also means proudly manufacturing our products in America, and making them available to the global marketplace.

Les Klein, Chief Executive Officer, Polymer Resources, Ltd.


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