What Differentiates Polymer Resources?
Our Commitment to You


Signature Service: In contrast to conventional engineering polymer suppliers, Polymer Resources pairs our leading-edge resins and blends with personal attention to each customer’s needs.  We work with you one-on-one at every stage and at every level to make sure you have an exceptional experience every time.

We are positioned to…

Accelerate Time to Market:
Achieve a competitive advantage and win with our:

  • Quick quoting
  • Expedited color matching
  • Speedy sampling
  • On-time delivery

Assure Quality:
Reduce risk with trusted products and services:

Optimize Shipping & Logistics:
Save capital with our:

  • Just-in-time (JIT) capability to minimize inventory and conserve cash flow
  • Flexible order sizes: 250 lbs. to truckloads
  • Extensive local warehousing support
  • Dependable on-time delivery rate

Expedited Regulatory Approvals:
Fast-track material certification and streamline agency approvals using:

  • UL and CSA-listed standard products
  • In-house expertise in navigating complex regulatory requirements

Drive Your Sustainability Goals:
Go green with our popular material alternatives and recycling expertise:

  • Utility grades that incorporate recycled resins
  • Closed-loop reprocessing to convert your scrap into usable material

Provide Technical Expertise:
Contact our scientists and plastics engineers directly for help with:

  • Material selection
  • Custom formulations
  • Process optimization
  • Recommendations on part and tooling designs

Compounding Success for Over 50 Years

American Made for a Global Marketplace

Our Mission

My mission at Polymer Resources has not changed since I founded this company more than four decades ago. It includes continuing our tradition of financial stability, sustainable growth and visionary leadership that compounds success for customers, suppliers and employees. It also means proudly manufacturing our products in America, and making them available to the global marketplace.

Les Klein, Chief Executive Officer, Polymer Resources, Ltd.


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