Serious investment in a Data Color Spectrophotometer is required to be a major force in the plastic and resin technology field. By equipping our production facilities with the latest Data Color Spectrophotometer technology, Polymer Resources’s color lab specialists are able to engineer precise consistency between lots. Accurate color matching is essential for establishing brands, creating consistent products and taking precise samplings of existing materials. No matter the scope of the project, our specialists are capable of dealing with all types of color matching – even gloss and fluorescent material!

Dye mills and colorant manufacturers agree that Data Color Spectrophotometer products are superior in their accuracy and consistency. By deploying this technology, Polymer Resources is able to work with highly precise and close-tolerant specifications. Our use of high resolution color management allows us to produce both short and long-term reliability while our highly experienced staff guides the plastic and resin manufacturing process.

Spectrophotometry is a vital aspect of skilled plastic work. By analyzing the reflective capacity of a material as well as its diffusivity, we can accurately reproduce any sample or mockup in a sizable scale. Our cutting edge use of Data Color Spectrophotometer technology lets us know exactly what materials are present in a lot and accurately reproduce it with production-level quality. Our double beam Data Color Spectrophotometer technology is highly accurate, using both a reference sample as well as your sample to guarantee precision engineering.

Regular diagnostic testing is essential when producing large amounts of product, and our Data Color Spectrophotometer technology is able to periodically check samplings of a lot to ensure consistency throughout. Integrated with Datacolor TOOLS, we are able to analyze and convey quality control results for our clients. Quality control information can be easily shared between members of our supply chain, making sure only perfect results pass through our gates.

Our exclusive use of industry leading and stable technology requires us to make use of very little calibration, causing our turn times to be significantly faster than less adept companies. Our lead times, among the lowest in the industry, result in shipping custom colors within 4 weeks and standard colors within 2 weeks. With regional warehouses throughout the nation, stock colors can be quickly delivered to you with little delay.

When you want a quality product, Polymer Resources employs only the best people and Data Color Spectrophotometer technology to get the job done. Celebrating over 40 years of success, we have the track record to inspire confidence and proudly guarantee accurate custom color matching for our all our cherished clients.